Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I work at 8

I'm tired but somehow i feel it is for the right reason. My room is a mess I seriously need to clean it. I'm busy all the time and now everything worries me. Money, getting my 20 hours at work, homework, sleeping.. I feel that I becoming someone else. This is not bad the new me is more responsible but still I have my personal issues.
But let me tell you a secret. I do really miss high school days where nothing more than school and dancing were really important. I miss having someone to talk with, le soleil, mes amis, mon vie.
When we grow up definitely we leave some things in the road..
I'm tired I have to work at 8. I should better go to bed

Friday, September 17, 2010

Best friends photo-shoot!

During the summer me and my best friend had a photo-shoot. It was really fun and as you all know i love pictures so I had a blast.. here are some of the pics that we took

Monday, September 13, 2010


  • I saw my ex boyfriend.. he goes latin dancing now. I danced with him
  • I supposedly got a boyfriend.. two days later I broke up with him! We barely talked!
  • I went to the Lagoon :) gosh I'm in love with roller coasters!
  • I decide to date John... he is busy all the time! We barely see each other. I don't even know if we are still dating
  • I haven't go to church in a while.. that makes me feel sad! I need to fix this
  • I have been thinking if someday I will make it or not!
  • I started classes.. I'm excited
  • I being listening John Mayer all the time
  • I being thinking in someone that I should not be.
  • I miss my family and friends!
  • I can wait to graduate and get a real job
  • I want to find my soul mate.
  • I being thinking in dancing and how much I missed it
  • New ways of loosing weight!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Battle Studies

If I liked John Mayer before, I'm in love with him now. Seriously what an amazing concert! The best thing is that it didn't cost me a penny! My friend Sean invited us to go with him and he got us really good tickets!
I really love her new stuff..

This song just makes me thing in New York.. seriously I will like to be back so bad!! But sooner or later I'm gonna be rocking NYC!!


From now on this semester I'm going to SLC every wednesday. To be honest it is a pain in the butt but on the other hand it is nice just to take the bus relax and actually going to the city. I really loves cities, definitely towns are not my thing. I was born in the Ecuador's capital so I'm used to people walking on the streets, traffic, public transportation and all that stuff.
I'm taking a chemistry class, by the way I'm a little nervous but optimistic at the same time!
Also a nice thing about it is that I'm gonna see my bestie. Since my class ends at 10 and there is no bus back to Provo I have to stay at here apt.
I'm excited for wednesdays now!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A model

Yesterday my friend Scott had a n overnight flash camp for photographers. He ask me if I wanna model for them.. It was such a cool experience especially I got the chance to have take dance pictures.

We even kinda do engagement pic.. obviously they were fake but it was fun to pose with a guy.. As soon I get the pics I will post them..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A place call "My comfort zone"

I sat here next to myself, sat with what is well-known for me. I being thinking of that stage in life where we settle in our comfort zone. I was never the type of person I was always out of my shell. Lately thou i feel that I'm approaching there... but to be honest "my comfort zone" scares me.
For me my comfort zone just means limitations that we impose to ourselves. It seems like growing up get us closer to our comfort zone because in some point we stop believing that the impossible can be possible.
I don't want to stay there with the well-known for me.
I want to explore, learn, believe and try!
I want to grow up but I want to leave my comfort zone!
Bye, Ciao, Au revoir, Chao comfort zone

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm back

I've been gone for a while but finally I'm back. I'm having a lot of fun this summer. There is a lot of things that I went through most of them good.
I went to California with one of my friends. We spend a week in the Orange county, finally i renewed my passport, we went shopping til we drop. I meet a great photographer and we did a mini photo shoot.
I met a lot of new friends and really happy about it
I went to that wedding and I notice that finally FINALLY he is out of my life and I dont have to say his name ever again! I GOT OVER IT!
The sad part of my summer is those horrible headaches that I have lately. They are really painful and there is days that I cant sleep at all. My guess is that my headaches are related to a toothache... I think that i have a cavity or something, not cool not cool at all!
Summer is great so far!
I promise I will keep you more update!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I miss them so much

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Abril in my life!

As all you know my friend Abril has been staying with me for the last month pretty much.
We have a blast together!! I'm so grateful for her friendship and her support.
This whole time that she's been here I had to work 8 hours a day.. by the time I get home she has prepared dinner already, how sweet is that!! Seriously I couldn't been more blessed, she is really my best friend!
She knows me so well, she know how I am feeling even we I don't tell her.
We can talk about anything and everything
I truly love my bestie.. she is definitely a big blessing in my life

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee Lover

It's official I felt in love with glee

Monday, May 24, 2010

Should I accept his offer and go to Boston and NEW YORK!!!??


uld I go to that wedding or not??

I wanna see a shooting start!

This weekend was wild.. Me and my friends decided to go to the hot springs in Spanish Fork at midnight on saturday.. it took us forever to get there but we had such a good time!
At the beginning was quite dramatic there was a lot of drunk people, doing stupid things
I'm glad my mom raise in a way that I know my limits
for sure those guys were out of their minds
as soon they left we could relax!
I hadn't seen the sky like that in a while. It was so bright and full of stars.. !
I couldn't see a shooting start
it was still great
I'm grateful for all that beauty!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Little monkeys besties!!

I'm having a great time with my best friend here... she seriously puts me in such a good mood no matter what.. So the other day as always we were fooling around so this is what can happen when you leave us in a park in a sunny day and a camera!!

The pizza pie

My bestie Abril and Me
(I love that girl)
If you end up in SLC for some reason you should and i mean you MUST go to The pizza pie!!
They have the best pizza I ever tried!!
The price is not too bad .. I got full with one piece yeah they are ginormous.
I cant wait to hit that place again!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My last poem!

Todo empieza al reves
la primavera nevo
dulce comienzo
ella ojos grandes
gotas de nostalgia
caen despacio, en silencio
golpean el suelo

El invierno la persigue
obscuro recuerdo
le dejo seca amargada y un CAP

No sabe que rumbo tomar
todos los caminos no conducen a lo conocido
la brujula se le ha perdido
El viaje al sur parece estar difuso

No logra ver el faro
El barco se le hunde
quiere nadar deseperandame a lo orilla
olas la abaten la destrozan

Ta temblando y no de frio
Maldito miedo la ha invadido
Se reusa volver al puerto

Su nombre es planta
Victoriosa laurel
esta derrotada
No quiere hacer la dichosa llamada

Una vez mas, respira
Peru ha cambiado su vida
no ha sido nada placentero
la obscura sensacion
camina despacio
desesperada de rodillas

Se quedado sin recursos
sin amigos
sin familia
esperando al de arriba
se arrodilla
espera que el sol ilumine
por ultima vez ruega quedarse
quiere estar en la penultima letra

Memo to my future hubby

Dear future hubby:
I don't know you yet but I would like to ask you a big big big favor! Plz let's work out together. I strongly dislike those couples that don't even care how they look.. not because we will be married we will gain tons of weight
Let's be healthy plzzzzzzzz
I promise I will be in shape too!


So true!

If You Really Love Something Set It Free.
If It Comes Back It's Yours, If Not It Wasn't Meant To Be

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Promptings, ideas and conclusions

I had kinda of hard time lately but this time has been so good to me. I just figured out so many things that seriously I feel like I grew up a lot.
First, I so grateful for my job. This spring I'm able to work full time what means extra money, savings and plane ticket.
Second, I have the most wonderful, caring, loving, supportive mother in this world. She is my rock.
Third, I have an awesome family
Forth, I'm healthy.. THAT'S A HUGE BLESSING!
Fifth, I know what I want... sooner or later I will get it
Sixth, I'm here for a reason and I'm learning a lot!
I have been pondered about life and I realized that there will be always someone in better conditions than me but also there will be always someone in worst conditions than me. I can always help someone who is in more need than me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

il pleut et je vais pleurer

I'm just going through this emotional episode in my life... I seriously don't know what to expect!
Lately it seems like my friends just left me maybe it is me i don't know
There has been so many times that I wanted to cry but crying alone is not helpful, it doesn't heal..
I know a lot of things that has happen are my fault, I seriously want to do better!
On the other hand being at BYU drives me crazy, don't take me wrong it is great school.. but see all those marriage couples sometimes it makes me sick so time... I hate when people is telling me you are 22 you should be marriage by now you are in BYU... yes I'm in BYU and YES I want to married and Yes I will love to have a family but guess what people?? I haven't found the guy yet. I hate when they say I'm too picky.. yes I do have my standards but is that a bad thing???? I dont want a charming prince. I know that I'm not the princess waiting to be rescued... I'm just LAURA.. the girl with a humble heart, the girl who likes to hold the door for others, the girls who always says thank you to the bus driver, the girl who enjoys seen little kids playing, the girl who calls her mom for counsel, the girl who likes to wear dresses, the girl who will give you a smile even in those days when she is deeply sad, the girl who felt in love so bad that was hurted so bad as well, im the girl who forgives easily, I'm the girl with the cute dog, I'm the girl who tries to write poetry, the girls who dances...
I Know im not perfect I'm forgetful, messy, disorganizate, too dreamy... but overall I want to be better, I have a pure heart, I sure I know how to love!
So now It is raining and I'm gonna cry...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update Audition

I talked with my teacher (she was part of the judges)
... they said they were impressed by me... I almost almost made it!!
She said they love my energy, my leg extensions... she told me to stick around and try next year...
this makes decide that I'm gonna do a minor in Modern Dance :)!!

I am missing my friends

I never thought how important are friends in life ( i took them for granted).. now that I'm here I realize that they do life more exciting and even in those moments of disappointment and sorrow they make me feel better.!!!
I would love to find a bestie because now i feel like no one is by side standing up for me

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Try outs

Today I went to dance audition, I didn't make it but I'm glad I went. I learn so much about myself, I learn that if I push myself the extra mile things will work much better!! I learn that I'm capable I just need more practice and dedication, I learn that dance is challenging and I love it!! I'm grateful for my talents and I'm gonna keep working on them!!
Life is for dreamers, dancers, artists, rebels, believers at least the life that I want!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference

I love those promptings that inspire you to be better, to follow your savoir and to be more Christ-like ♥ I'm glad to be part of something greater than myself. I'm grateful for my mom, my dad, my grandma, my brothers, my family and all the beauties, opportunities and blessings in this life!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking and getting inspiration!

It is cold today! but I'm loving this weather.. pretty much it express how I am feeling today!
Yeah it is chill and cold and I wasn't feeling quite good this morning neither yesterday.. I have been thinking a lot! I figure out that...this doesnt feel right! it is time to start something new, learn what is important and what is not, time to value those who make a difference in your life, those who love you and care about you, time to dream, time to travel, time to get rid of those things that are bothering you, time to be happy.. it is time to learn, laugh, love, move on and grow!
I found a girl that I met in my freshman year and I figure out that no matter what the only that really matters are my dreams, my goals whatever they are!
I have to be more commited to something! I decided I'm going to apply for the PR program and I'm gonna graduated asap!
I don't want to get married not yet! I wanna travel, I want to gain knowledge, I wanna be passionated, I want to dance, dream, make my dreams come true but being realistic at the same time!
This weather is perfect to ponder!


Who Am I? What I want?? Where Am I going?
So let me tell you more about myself..
I'm Laura Nathalia Morales Villacres ( i know it is pretty long)
I'm obessed with Paris, I love chessy, I rely a lot on other people, I'm trying to find motivition inmyself, I'm a lover, sweet, dreamer.......
I was born and raised in Ecuador.. I have the most wonderful parents.. my mom is the most creative and talented women I know!
I have three brothers older than me, I'm the only girl so I can say my parents spoiled me a lot! I was a really sweet giirl, smart, I wear glasses since I was 5 I hated them I thought that pretty girls dont wear glasses til elementary school I have a friend really pretty and she wear glass so my idea of beuty and glasses change.
During my childhood my mom kept me busy, I took ballet classes, piano lessons, english classes, gymnastics, singing gosh I dont even know how I possible could do that, but I did it and I'm so grateful for that!
I also found one of my best friend we met when we were 9 or 10 I'm not sure!
During my early adolescence I move to 3 different high schools!
The first one I like it I was so responsible, smart and it life was kind of simple!
Then I moved to another high school that changed me a lot! I was a rebel!! I dated someone he was my first boyfriend, my first real kiss, I felt in love for the first time, I did crazy things in name of love, my heart was broken for the first time! My mom was kinda scared of how much I changed so she decided that it was time to go to a different high school.. i didn't like the idea at the beginning but I couldnt do much!
My third high school... I hated at the beginning after being in a pretty liberal school where we could do pretty much everything that we want the new high school was like being in jail! they were so many rules, and the girls didn't like me that much!
My first year in my new high school was hard, it was big adjustment! But suddenly I dont know how or when I felt in love with my new high school... I made so many good friends!
I was the president of my high school, I was still a rebel, I didn't like injustice, I was really creative and I was really involved with my high school.. during my last year I met again with my first love, my first we started dating again but we changed so it didn't work
I dated a guy, he loved me a lot the sad part is that I could'nt feel in love with him! He was really kind, sweet and he really cared about me... now I know that it was true love and I would wish that I could felt in love with him but life is not simple!
During my teenager's year I kept dancing, I knew that dancing would be a big part of my life! I met my best friends there! Sometimes I know I complained a lot about it, but I glad I did it and I'm glad my mom was there supporting me!
After graduation I dedicate myself to dance, everything that i did was dance! After graduating from my school of arts, my parents decided that I was time to take a new direction so they sent me to Utah to learn English
I hate the idea of leaving everything there especially because I was dating someone, I knew that I could easily feel in love with him...
Leaving was hard for me, I felt that I wasnt prepare to start a new life on my own, I life with my family my whole life, I had always my mom by side!
I cried a lot, I missed everything! At the beginning I thought that I would be here just for 8 months and now I have been living here for TWO YEARS!!
I'm still confused about how I feel about being here... sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it!
Without doubt being here has changed me a lot! I'm more mature, I trying to be more independant, responsible.. finding a path is still a mystery for me.... I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to study!
My first year of college was hard I had a lot of pressure on me, I got an scholarship and I didn't do it that well... I was depressed and make new friends was hard even know finding new ones can be hard!
Then I felt in love... I made so many plans, my life spinned around him, I was really in love, we talked about marriage and for the time in my life I felt that I wanted to spend my life with that guy! Our story was complicated, as you all know we didn't get married, we aren't together, we are not even friends! He broke my heart in tiny pieces, it was hard to move on harder than the first time I felt in love. This episode of my life was hard and again I was depressed! I learn lot I'm glad that we dated because I know that I become a better person!
Being here also has brought me closer to the God.. being alone had made me thing that the only one who is always here with me is him... I have a testimony now! I wish I could be more constant in church things but I'm trying!
I met my two best friends! I love them
I started to work something that I'm sure I won't do it if I were at home.. I'm trying to be smarter with my money, working has taught me the importance of earn my own money, money doesn't grow in trees, now I wonder how my parents were able to provide us.. I'm really blessed I had always have a place,food, education and nice clothes!
My story have finished yet...
I still don't know where it will take me
I'm not even sure how this story will end
I just want to be happy
find true love
have a family

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gosh I really hate this! All of them seemed to be really into me and then after few weeks all that just dissapear...
I dont want to keep playing I want to be an stable relationship that's it!
On the other hand, I have Matias my argentine guy.. he is so sweet he calls all the time, even when I'm a drama queen, he send me a packet the other HOW SWEET AND COOL is that!
Hopefully I will go to Argentina on August I can't wait to kiss him and have fun with him

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Je veux pleurer
I feeling so overwhelmed


Monday, March 22, 2010

Poor toe

On saturday I was dancing in my room when I dont know how and I cant even explain I hit my toe so hard that I was about to cry.
I forgot about til Sunday after church I took off my heals and my toe was so swollen and bruised!!
I'm in pain but I'm trying to be optimist and hopefully it is not broken!
Poor toe I can feel your pain!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Le bisou

This couple days have been wonderful! I had a lot to do A LOT! but I meet this guy I can't take him out of my mind..He is so kind, he really likes Anabella, I love his smile!
So, this weekend it was way fun
  • Friday I went out to my friends, we went to a lame party so I leave them Jacob and my friends picked me up. We went to sparks!
  • Saturday.. I spend almost all day with Jacob. We went to my dance concert, lunch, snowboarding, dinner, and we chill at my apt. It was my bro b-day!! =) I lost my phone on the mountain!! =( (but you know what was really nice, Jacob was willing to go back to the mountain and search.. I was the one who gave up)
  • Sunday... I making a choir with the primary kids for Easter. I watched a movie with Jacob we cuddle, my heart was beating fast!
  • Monday.. I thought it would be a horrible day but it turned all the way around! I had such a good day. I found my phone I just have to pick it up, I went running with Jacob and I really had a good time, we played with Anabella and finally but not last we kissed for the first time!
  • Tuesday... I know Daniel is dating someone in Peru and I'm actually happy for him! I wish him the best not hard feeling anymore. I have a lot to do today but so exciting about everything. I hopefully will see Jacob today if not I'm going salsa dancing tonight!
Life is ridiculous good!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Little things in life

Today is finally Friday.. heck yes! I'm so exited for the upcoming events.
Tonight I'm going to see the BYU dance emsamble! I really miss going to the theater back home that was something that I did frequently. But here with all things that I have to do time has become short and lets be honest before I was complaining all the time that there is nothing going on in art performance at BYU but winter semester has shut my mouth.. THERE A LOT GOING ON!
Tomorrow I'm going snowboarding with a guy that so far has made a good impression on me!
I'm happy it sunny outside, we have led this sunday so officially the spring will be here!
Talking about little thing talking with that peruvian woman this morning make me happy, she was so humble and kind!

Happy weekend

talking about facebook... i haven't opened since yesterday! I'm so proud of myself lets see if we can keep that up!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't remember who introduced me to the blogging world but a day like to day a year ago I published my first post!
I'm so glad I did..! this blog is my journey throught this life!
I decided not to use Facebook for the rest of this week! not even at work!!!
I'm facebookoholic!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Que vivan las mujeres que se atreven a vivir a VIVIR!!

New Chapters

i wish I could have this view more often! Ecuadorian balcony Quito-Ecuador! summer 2008

Chapter 1: Last weekend

It was awkward, but in way or other I was expecting that. I was kinda of prepare and the girl's attitude didn't bother me at all! The party was still cool. Dallin went with me, it was funny cuz we were the first ones to get there! He played the piano for me but a second I really wanted to hug him but I was able to control myself.
On saturday I went lunch with Dallin, it was nice. I'm not sure if he really likes me but there is kinda a connection between us. We know each other for almost 2 years, i just don't know if we are ready to take it to next level. Life can be so unpredictable
I went to the movies, we watched invictus and my spirit and my soul have hungry of greatness.
Sunday was as usual, church, my kids, but wait something exciting happened I meet a guy through my friends. I think he is way cute!

Chapter 2: Current week!

I add the guy on facebook, we have being talking this two last days. He asked me my number and we are going snowboarding this saturday! First date, I'm wait excited!
One of five women wont get married!! scary
I think I lost a friend, we haven't talk in weeks! Im so sad that things ended up like that.
Matias called me yesterday! We have a weird relationship, I checked my email and it seems he was right, we know each other since 2006.. it seems like it about time to go to Argentina
Financial problems are worrying me!
I feel happy the spring is coming!
I want to talk more with God, become his friend!
I have a lot to do, I'm behind with school!

“How do geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we, humans know when it is time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if only we would listen to it, that tells us certainly when to go forth into the unknown.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the joys of a woman

I'm so grateful for being a woman! For having the chance of getting an education and dreaming changing this world! and someday becoming a mother
I'm grateful for my mother, she is exactly the person I want to be when I grew up! It such a great feeling knowing that I can talk to her always about everything even those things that I dont want to talk with anyone else not even myself
I'm grateful for my grandma! Her strength, love and compassion for other is unbelievable!
I'm grateful for my aunts! For their wonderful examples, and their words of love and hope!
I'm grateful for my girl cousins! It is nice to know that everything I saw them I still feel that powerful connection between us!
I'm grateful for my girl friends, for their support, their love, and all the happiness they bring to my life!
I'm grateful for all great women around the world, for their willingness to sacrifice themselves for others!

“Woman is a miracle of divine contradictions”

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It matters not how strait the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll,I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul!

Friday, March 5, 2010


What amazing thing is having friends!! I so grateful. After talking with my good friend Cacey, I feel much better, it is nice to know that he will be by my side supporting and he make me realize that no matter what people say.. I should not take a sh.t out of it.. I know who I am and thats what matter and the rest is just crap!
Real friends are by your side no matter what!
This weekend will be interesting..
  • Cindy's party
  • Lunch with Dallin
  • Snowboarding
  • Homework
  • Church

Thursday, March 4, 2010

All what I needed is dance.. I feel so much better today! I will post a video and photos soon!
Dancing makes me happy!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In three words..
I am mad
I miss mom
I want food
Day is rainy
I danced horribly
I want home
Too much stress
breath breath breath

.Not a good day
I need a break!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New giveaway!

Remember Christa from Je m'apelles Christa, she is throwing another great giveaway!!
I love her blog and her giveaways
for bon chance enter here!!
do it now the bon chance ends tonite..

Sunday, February 28, 2010


The weekend was fun and painful!! I went snowboarding with my bros and friends. I was doing it so good. My first time snowboarding was horrible I hate it, Mario was teaching me, he was really patient cuz I was complaining a lot! This time, my second time I told my brother and my bestie to leave me in the first stop that I will be fine! So, I was there by myself in that huge mountain at sundance, I was really scared but somehow I figured out and I was able to snowboard like a pro... I was so proud of myself that I couldn't believe how much I had improved!
So I started to do more challenging things, I went all the way up, and then I decide it that I was enough experienced so I try to jump... big mistake I land horrible in my neck and shoulder!
I didn't thought that I was that bad cuz I was able to stand up and keep doing it! But today gosh I'm in my pain.. I think I pull something, I need to go to the doctor asap!
hopefully tomorrow I will be better!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today, nothing especially seems to happen.. I'm happy and there only one reason why there were SUNSHINE!!

I'm really amazed of how a little bit of sunshine can affect on me and change my mood so drastically. Believe it or not I perform much better when I feel the sunshine in my face!!

I just wanna say thank you sunshine for making my day so great!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bright and not so bright sides of my life!

I haven't blog in a while, I had a lot to say I just do know how to say it or even start!

My parents are gone what means that I am not in my best mood... I'm not sad I just really miss them!
Love... lately it seems like I'm running in opposite direction to it. I know that I blogged several times about boys I like... and in some point I do like them! People here are very fickle, they dont pursue love.. I will really like to find someone and have that feeling of pursuit, that feeling that you wanna be with them no matter what.
In my vocabulary deception is becoming a common word in my love life! I dont want to find the love of my life yet, I just want to have an stable relationship, thats it!
I dont know whats wrong with me, this last week talking with other had became a hard task!
I dont want to talk, I dont want to communicate! I just want to be what I used to be.. JUST BE ME!!

Friends... Some of them just dissapointed me, but I miss them a lot! Before, it was so easy to make new friends but now even call someone a friend is hard! Sometimes I wish I could be in Ecuador, definitely my heart belongs there!

Dance... I danced not so good this week, I was feeling weird and let's be honest over this two last weeks I gained some weight! On the bright side, I'm going to audition this April! I started to run, this week I will start to diet, and focusing more in class!

Family... Finally I'm becoming an aunt. I'm so happy and excited! There are no words that can describe the joy of knowing that our family is getting bigger! On the not so bright side, my dad had some problems with his retirement, we are really worried. I'm optimistic I know everything will be better, we just need to be faithful, prayful and patient.

Facebook... I really hate you! I'm addicted to you thou

Anabelle (my cute dog).. I love you! you are the best, I love how affectionate you are, I love when you ask me for permission to get into my bed, I love when you chase rocks... YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The day that i got 2 ducks (22)... turning 22 years old

Omg!! my b-day was so fun!
Instead of celebrating it on saturday, I decided to do it on friday (you know i didnt want to mess up with my friends valentines day dates or seeing all those chessy couples around)
We went dinner to TGI fridays, dancing and we ended up in Dallin's place!
Dinner was great!

Later we try to go dancing but you know parties in here can be lame most of the time! However, I shake the bootay for a while... then we went to my friend apt we played dare or truth *verdad o desafio* it was way fun!!

I'm really grateful for this new year of life!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sticky notes!

Dear medicine:
I hate you! Your side effects are making my skin itchy and looking weird. I will keep giving you a chance so you better start behaving
Dear BYU:
I love you! I just hate when I got so busy and I get behind! and by the way thanks for the new job
Dear accounts payable department:
I hate when we have a check with tons of invoices on it! but I still like you a LOT
Dear birthday:
You are coming! I'm excited
Dear Valentine's day:
You bring me so many memories... This year I might hate you but it doesn't mean that we can start all over again next year!
Dear spanish boy:
I just barely know you, I might like you but it is too soon to say that but I'm attracted to you. Your accent is so sexy
Always Yours,

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Who doesn't love free stuff! I DO!!
You will love what Christa is giving away
Horray for giveaways!!

First upside down that ends good

Have you ever feel upside down?? Yesterday, that was how I felt!
My morning was O.K... you know work, filing, checks, count them down, fill the check log, signatures blah blah blah
My Afternoon, I started to melt down! HORRIBLE
My Night, I was with my friend Cacey, he cheer me up a lot.
By now I can consider him one of my besties! He is really cool!
Then suddenly in the library I made tons of friends, and even someone ask me out!
I pondered about my future what I wanna be??!
I have always wanted to make a difference, help others
so by now I would say I have two opt
  • public health
  • public relationships
The funny part is both had the word public on them, so it lead me to realization that I love to be in public, I love to be in touch with people!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny and suddenly I started to melt down

The day started pretty good.. but suddenly without an specific reason I started to melt down!
All the positivism that I'm having lately just disappeared! I felt weird.. til yesterday I was feeling great about turning 22 but til i talked with my friend, when I told her
I'm turning the big two ducks (22)

she just told me ooooh but you don't look like that age!
( what the freak she mean by that)
then I remembered my past b-day!
It was so lovely so nice, i have him.
don't take me wrong I don't want him back
I'm totally over it!
I just miss having someone there!

This are the kinda of days where I would love to be back in high school !
everything was so much easier and simple
my friends celebrated with my b-day as a national holiday
I had multiple parties just cuz we wanted to skip class
(obviously they love me too)

Now, I just can say that at least I'm gonna have my parents here celebrating my b-day with me!
It always nice to count on them no matter what!

Tomorrow will be a new day so I hopefully I will be back with my positive attitude!

Good nite!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My B-day is coming WHAT???

Today we had a meeting at work, we were talking about office stuff!
Out of the blue someone said: Happy B-day Margaret!! (Margaret is my boss and today was her b-day),
then the girl who I work with said: Laura's b-day is next week too!!
Then I realized, next week I will be 22!
Next week is my B-DAY!
I see it coming
for being
anyways.. I'm excited this year so far has started so good!
so getting old it is just part of live and for being sincere
it has benefits and I'm feeling good about it


Early february and I feel is spring already!

Waking up early for work is paying me back!
In my way to the bus stop.. my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was 7:20 am and you could see the sunrise.. there is not doubt the spring is coming faster than i thought!!
Gray days are past. I feel so good, it looks so pretty and I can't wait to have warmer days!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I love you, FEBRUARY!

February has started, this means..

  • MY B-DAY IS COMING (counting down 12 days)
  • Valentine's Day
  • Spring is aproaching quickly
  • Carnaval.. I wish I could be home cuz it was so much fun.. I miss those crazy times playing carnaval in high school

February has always make me giggle.. it is a shortest month of the year but for me it is the funniest, coolest and delicious month!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vete a buscar lo que te haga feliz!!

For those who speak spanish.. I want to share with you this...

I thought it was lovely, cheerful and so true!!

Tremendous delicious week-end!!

Gosh, this weekend was so much fun !!
I met this guy and his wife! For those who arent familiar with college football (like me). This is Lavell Edwards a legend in BYU football, and I met him this friday. I even chilled in his house with some kids!

We had a dessert contest and he and his wifey were the judges *we all tide*. It was way fun.. my dessert wasnt that great probably we would end up in last place *joaquim faults he left the ice cream outside and it was melted haha* Besides, our little melting accident *lol*. We had fun, I think that was a really creative date! (it was outside of the typical byu dates).

After that we played cards, rockband and ate our desserts.

Then, I went dancing with Scott and Cacey... Way fun!! I like those kids a lot.... they are fun to be around!


Me and my family went to the sundance festival. We had not seen anyone famous but we had a blast! We ate caramel apple, pizza, we played in the snow, took pics, laughed our heads off.. I LOVE THEM!!! (I will post pics later)

I wish we could do this more often.. but since my parents lived in Ecuador this kind of gathering happens once a year.. but I'm so grateful for all the good times we had, have and we are having..!!

I saw the guy that I like or I used to like not sure yet!


We ate yummy homemade chicken soup (my fav), a long nap with my parents, taught kids!



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Insights of my Artistic creative Dancing day

This is me back in 2007.... by that time my life was all about dance 24/7.. I miss those days where I danced for hours. I realized that dancing makes me happy, feel alive, excited, and I get disconected to the world for a while.
Today I enjoyed my dance class it remainded me all my good times with my friends in my dance institute, all the crying, laughs, all the memories ( the good ones and the bad ones).
I'm making a coreography with my friend Alex just for fun!!
I want to be called dancer again.. but this will need work, preparation ,sacrifice and diet (mmm diet :S).
I will do it and by April I will be ready for the Dance Emsamble's auditions.
Viva la Dance!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was a long day............

good thing tomorrow is thursday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I want to explore beyond the dock of the bay

Today, so far has been a pretty nice day.. it was snowy that kinda bother me.. i was wearing flats and I got all wet! I was late to work .. but besides that everything looks like this is going to be a good day! I ate pizza for free, I'm feeling more inspiring to dance, I still have to write about myself and who I am for my class ..

I will love to be in a warm and quiet place, exploring beyond the dock.. but I cant complain life is treating me well enough and so far january and me are having a healthy love relationship..
I just want to say

Monday, January 25, 2010

From now on...

Its official I dont have to work on nights anymore YEAHHH!! I got home today around 7:30 and it was the best feeling ever!

I'm so excited this semester.. that nothing seems to bother me lately!! This past couple weeks I have seen guys that I dated .. and it is so weird cuz they all are married now!!

Before that would bother a little bit, I felt like I wasn't progressing that I was stuck in the same place but now I'm so happy to be single. I can still do somethings in my own.. dont take me wrong it is not that i dont want to get married cuz I will love to have a family.... It is not the right time for me.. So now it is time to prepare and be ready cuz the special one can be in his way or maybe not...


So from now on... ITS TIME TO ENJOY MY LIFE

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are... I'm waiting for you, we haven't met yet but I'm sure you are somewhere out there!!
I will make you smile
I will be your friend
I will be your support
I will be your personal cheerleader
I will travel around the world with you
I will make pretty babies with you
I will laugh my head off with you
I will be patient *most of the time*
I will make you happy
I will be head over heels over you
I will wait for you
I will get old with you
I will dance with you
I will kiss you like crazy
I will cook for you
I will do nice things to you
I will grow and become more mature with you
I will learn with you
I will protect you
I will try to never make you cry
I will give you my best
I will work hard for us
I will tell you that I love you everyday
I will be loyal to you
I will take care of you
I will never you leave you
I will walk aside you
I will hug you
I will believe in you
I will take care of our kids
I will have fun with you
I will make our house a home
I will wake up next you
I will help you
I will cheer you up in your cloudy days
I will be your lover
I will spoon you
I will sing to you
I will hold your hand
I will never give up on us
I will try not to get mad with you
I will cross the deep ocean for you

and all because I WILL BE YOURS and YOU'LL BE MINE!
I just haven't meet you yet!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lovely Friday!!

The week couldn't finished better.. I started in my new job today and I'm already in love with it. Finally, I'm able to have Friday nights off.. and thats the best feeling in the world plus I will have more time for studying!!

I'm making a lot of plans there so many things I wanna do.. Hip hops club, salsa club, pilates, yoga, study french on my own.. IM EXCITED and how i feel can be defined in three simple words


I learned so much lately, I feel like I acting more like a young responsible adult. That make me feel soooooooooooo good!!
I'm trying to take school, work and all my duties one week at the time.. something that I'm gonna work this weekend is in planning my week so wish me luck cuz you know me I get easy distracted!

The to do list for this weekend is:
  • Work on my paper
  • Study for my Spanish test
  • Do an interview
  • Dinner with friends
  • Time with family
  • Teach my kids
  • Planning my week


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good start

I'm so freaking happy .. I learned a valuable lesson today about...


I applied to a job a couple weeks ago and for a moment i thought that I had it in my pocket, I thought she will call me tomorrow (cuz thats what she said)...
Next day... the phone rang i was excited .. a bunch of people call me that day.. but not the lady!!
I was heart broken, my mom tried to cheer me up but I could stop thinking about that..
Deep inside i thought they might call me later, maybe she got busy, or she didn't have time.. until i reached the point i knew that i didn't get the job..
My mom encouraged me to keep praying, I had my doubts but I did it.. and it worked because they called me TODAY... I'm starting on Thursday!! Life couldn't get any better

I'm so grateful!!

The best part is ...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, Viernes, Vendredi... Le week-end!!!

Finally ITS FRIDAY!!! I dont have specific plans for this weekend but I'm sure it will be way fun (it will be 3 days weekend, and 3 it always better than 2, right?)

What i am sure is this weekend will include time with my family!! and that thrill me!!


I'm gonna miss my momma so bad when she leaves, she is the best spooning partner ever!! I realize that my family is the greatest thing I ever had, have or I will have!!


Hope for Haiti

This week was soooooooo long... finally friday its here and this will be a 3 day weekend thanks to this amazing guy who made history!!. This week was bitter sweet....
I was really sad about what happen in Haiti!! that make me realize how blessed I am and I need to be more thankful for what I have!! All the week I had been thinking what can I do.. and this quote came to my mind..

" I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do". ~Edward Everett Hale

I decide to create Hope for Haiti, this wont change the situation of hundrends of haitians but at least I decide to do something. God bless this humble people, they are in my prays!!
you can make donations at or!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New start.. and a new beginning

This new year just started.. for being honest this first week was kinda crappy BUT...
Never it is too late to change and start all over again...
So here are my resolutions for this year!! (I know I should post them a week ago.. it is better do it late than never ..right?)

  • Run a 5k this year
  • Learn how to knit
  • I'm not going to say that I lose certain number of pounds but I comprise myself to work out more
  • Dance... go to many auditions as I can.
  • Use my credit card wisely.. and get out of debt
  • Travel to a place that I haven't been yet
  • Keep a journal
  • Make something nice and meaningful for someone.. (at least once a month)
  • Go to everysingle class that I am enrolled
  • Don't turn off the alarm unless I am really awake (no more pretending that I have extra 5 min unless I actually have those extra min)
  • Find a new job
  • Dont be afraid to try new food, activities or clothes.
  • Prepare my primary lesson before sunday
  • Read a book per month
  • Have a camera with me most of the time
  • Get my drivers license
  • Go to concerts
  • Walk my dog every morning!

Now it is public so I better wont mess up with my resolutions.. Im planning to stick to them!! Little changes make a huge difference..

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. ~Henry Moore

In other words this is how I feel today....






In the clouds.......................



Today I went to my modern dance class..

The teacher remained me how talented I am

She says she will bug me if I decide to stay in her class (you know dance teachers are...

.when they say they will bug you.. it is cuz you have something there).

She suggested me to go to a higher level class.

Maybe .. for a second I forgot who I am and of what I am capable!I'm glad that she remained me

that I have something special..

The feeling of inadequacy was bugging me lately.. (I was feeling not smart enough and I thought this semester is wayyyyyy tooooooooo much for me) but I know I can do it!I better start believing in my potencial!! (for my own sake)

Happy weekend people!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

100 .. Its always a good number

I guess whatever maturity is there may be there because I've been keeping a journal forever. In high school my friends would make fun of me - you're doing your man diary again. So I was always trying to translate experience into words.
Anthony Do

Today, I'm celebrating my 100 post!!
(I make it sounds like it my b-day or my anniversary but this is important to me, so u better like lol)

I can't believe that I went through all those crazy, funny, happy,not so funny and not so happy storie

Reading my stories make
me realize that:

Life is about....
making memories and living on the edge!!
Hanging up there and n
ot giving up

True love and knowing that isn't just part of fairy tales.. ITS REAL!
Families are not just part of us.. they must be everything to us!
Making good friends and keep them close to you
Loving someone,or something!
Being passionate
Love is magic.. just let it happen!
Enjoying little moments and forgetting the big tragedies
Dealing with hard times and overcoming them
Feeling good about yourself
Being yourself


Enjoy your DAY!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In Ecuador, Año Viejo is a tradition in which on December 31 people construct effigies made from old clothes, crumpled newspaper and homemade masks, and th
en burn them up. This symbolically burns up the regrets of the old year and ushers in the hopes of the new one.
After this, Im so ready for 2010!!


New Year

We had a really nice New year's eve.. We ate ridiculous amounts of food! We all dressed up, and we were looking our best... It was cool to have my parents here, their presence made it so special and in someway I felt like I was in home...

Recap 2009

I'm so grateful.. this past year has been interesting to me! I had some up and downs but overall I had a good time! I learned a lot, I grew up a lot, I'm more aware of what i want in my life or at least what I really don't want..
So this are the 12 of best memories of this year:
  • I fell in love this year... even that things did work, I learn a lot about what I'm looking for in a guy.
  • I had a great b-day!! I like all the surprises and finally I turned 21!!
  • I grew up a lot.. I'm not a kid anymore... I'm a grow up lady!!
  • I struggle with school, relationship, etc.. but there were always someone there for me... either my family, a friend! God never left me alone this year!
  • I got to see brother!! It was a lovely summer !! I understood that true love never fade!
  • My cousin came to visit me.. It was a blast, having her with me remained me that happiness come from ourselves, and we can be happy no matter what we are facing!
  • I started this blog! I love to write my stories, my feelings, my adventures! Hopefully someday my kids will read it with me and we all will laugh together.
  • I went to Ecuador during the summer! As always being in home is wonderful, definitely i belong there..
  • I started my dream's list.. I'm planning to become true couple of those this year...
  • I got my patriarchal blessing.. I feel so loved, special and blessed.. Words can express how grateful I am for all I have and for who I am.
  • We spent Christmas with my parents!!! :)
  • I realized that no matter true friends are always there... I'm really thankful for all the friends that I have here.. and the friends that I have at home!
My bonus memory:
  • My testimony of the church grew a lot this year! I love to be connect to something greater that myself, something that for me is eternal and essential..
2009 thanks for all you did with me!! I learned a lot from you but it about time to move on and look forward so 2010 here we are!!