Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sticky notes!

Dear medicine:
I hate you! Your side effects are making my skin itchy and looking weird. I will keep giving you a chance so you better start behaving
Dear BYU:
I love you! I just hate when I got so busy and I get behind! and by the way thanks for the new job
Dear accounts payable department:
I hate when we have a check with tons of invoices on it! but I still like you a LOT
Dear birthday:
You are coming! I'm excited
Dear Valentine's day:
You bring me so many memories... This year I might hate you but it doesn't mean that we can start all over again next year!
Dear spanish boy:
I just barely know you, I might like you but it is too soon to say that but I'm attracted to you. Your accent is so sexy
Always Yours,

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