Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm back

I've been gone for a while but finally I'm back. I'm having a lot of fun this summer. There is a lot of things that I went through most of them good.
I went to California with one of my friends. We spend a week in the Orange county, finally i renewed my passport, we went shopping til we drop. I meet a great photographer and we did a mini photo shoot.
I met a lot of new friends and really happy about it
I went to that wedding and I notice that finally FINALLY he is out of my life and I dont have to say his name ever again! I GOT OVER IT!
The sad part of my summer is those horrible headaches that I have lately. They are really painful and there is days that I cant sleep at all. My guess is that my headaches are related to a toothache... I think that i have a cavity or something, not cool not cool at all!
Summer is great so far!
I promise I will keep you more update!

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