Thursday, February 4, 2010

First upside down that ends good

Have you ever feel upside down?? Yesterday, that was how I felt!
My morning was O.K... you know work, filing, checks, count them down, fill the check log, signatures blah blah blah
My Afternoon, I started to melt down! HORRIBLE
My Night, I was with my friend Cacey, he cheer me up a lot.
By now I can consider him one of my besties! He is really cool!
Then suddenly in the library I made tons of friends, and even someone ask me out!
I pondered about my future what I wanna be??!
I have always wanted to make a difference, help others
so by now I would say I have two opt
  • public health
  • public relationships
The funny part is both had the word public on them, so it lead me to realization that I love to be in public, I love to be in touch with people!

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