Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Who Am I? What I want?? Where Am I going?
So let me tell you more about myself..
I'm Laura Nathalia Morales Villacres ( i know it is pretty long)
I'm obessed with Paris, I love chessy, I rely a lot on other people, I'm trying to find motivition inmyself, I'm a lover, sweet, dreamer.......
I was born and raised in Ecuador.. I have the most wonderful parents.. my mom is the most creative and talented women I know!
I have three brothers older than me, I'm the only girl so I can say my parents spoiled me a lot! I was a really sweet giirl, smart, I wear glasses since I was 5 I hated them I thought that pretty girls dont wear glasses til elementary school I have a friend really pretty and she wear glass so my idea of beuty and glasses change.
During my childhood my mom kept me busy, I took ballet classes, piano lessons, english classes, gymnastics, singing gosh I dont even know how I possible could do that, but I did it and I'm so grateful for that!
I also found one of my best friend we met when we were 9 or 10 I'm not sure!
During my early adolescence I move to 3 different high schools!
The first one I like it I was so responsible, smart and it life was kind of simple!
Then I moved to another high school that changed me a lot! I was a rebel!! I dated someone he was my first boyfriend, my first real kiss, I felt in love for the first time, I did crazy things in name of love, my heart was broken for the first time! My mom was kinda scared of how much I changed so she decided that it was time to go to a different high school.. i didn't like the idea at the beginning but I couldnt do much!
My third high school... I hated at the beginning after being in a pretty liberal school where we could do pretty much everything that we want the new high school was like being in jail! they were so many rules, and the girls didn't like me that much!
My first year in my new high school was hard, it was big adjustment! But suddenly I dont know how or when I felt in love with my new high school... I made so many good friends!
I was the president of my high school, I was still a rebel, I didn't like injustice, I was really creative and I was really involved with my high school.. during my last year I met again with my first love, my first we started dating again but we changed so it didn't work
I dated a guy, he loved me a lot the sad part is that I could'nt feel in love with him! He was really kind, sweet and he really cared about me... now I know that it was true love and I would wish that I could felt in love with him but life is not simple!
During my teenager's year I kept dancing, I knew that dancing would be a big part of my life! I met my best friends there! Sometimes I know I complained a lot about it, but I glad I did it and I'm glad my mom was there supporting me!
After graduation I dedicate myself to dance, everything that i did was dance! After graduating from my school of arts, my parents decided that I was time to take a new direction so they sent me to Utah to learn English
I hate the idea of leaving everything there especially because I was dating someone, I knew that I could easily feel in love with him...
Leaving was hard for me, I felt that I wasnt prepare to start a new life on my own, I life with my family my whole life, I had always my mom by side!
I cried a lot, I missed everything! At the beginning I thought that I would be here just for 8 months and now I have been living here for TWO YEARS!!
I'm still confused about how I feel about being here... sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it!
Without doubt being here has changed me a lot! I'm more mature, I trying to be more independant, responsible.. finding a path is still a mystery for me.... I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to study!
My first year of college was hard I had a lot of pressure on me, I got an scholarship and I didn't do it that well... I was depressed and make new friends was hard even know finding new ones can be hard!
Then I felt in love... I made so many plans, my life spinned around him, I was really in love, we talked about marriage and for the time in my life I felt that I wanted to spend my life with that guy! Our story was complicated, as you all know we didn't get married, we aren't together, we are not even friends! He broke my heart in tiny pieces, it was hard to move on harder than the first time I felt in love. This episode of my life was hard and again I was depressed! I learn lot I'm glad that we dated because I know that I become a better person!
Being here also has brought me closer to the God.. being alone had made me thing that the only one who is always here with me is him... I have a testimony now! I wish I could be more constant in church things but I'm trying!
I met my two best friends! I love them
I started to work something that I'm sure I won't do it if I were at home.. I'm trying to be smarter with my money, working has taught me the importance of earn my own money, money doesn't grow in trees, now I wonder how my parents were able to provide us.. I'm really blessed I had always have a place,food, education and nice clothes!
My story have finished yet...
I still don't know where it will take me
I'm not even sure how this story will end
I just want to be happy
find true love
have a family

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