Sunday, February 28, 2010


The weekend was fun and painful!! I went snowboarding with my bros and friends. I was doing it so good. My first time snowboarding was horrible I hate it, Mario was teaching me, he was really patient cuz I was complaining a lot! This time, my second time I told my brother and my bestie to leave me in the first stop that I will be fine! So, I was there by myself in that huge mountain at sundance, I was really scared but somehow I figured out and I was able to snowboard like a pro... I was so proud of myself that I couldn't believe how much I had improved!
So I started to do more challenging things, I went all the way up, and then I decide it that I was enough experienced so I try to jump... big mistake I land horrible in my neck and shoulder!
I didn't thought that I was that bad cuz I was able to stand up and keep doing it! But today gosh I'm in my pain.. I think I pull something, I need to go to the doctor asap!
hopefully tomorrow I will be better!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today, nothing especially seems to happen.. I'm happy and there only one reason why there were SUNSHINE!!

I'm really amazed of how a little bit of sunshine can affect on me and change my mood so drastically. Believe it or not I perform much better when I feel the sunshine in my face!!

I just wanna say thank you sunshine for making my day so great!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bright and not so bright sides of my life!

I haven't blog in a while, I had a lot to say I just do know how to say it or even start!

My parents are gone what means that I am not in my best mood... I'm not sad I just really miss them!
Love... lately it seems like I'm running in opposite direction to it. I know that I blogged several times about boys I like... and in some point I do like them! People here are very fickle, they dont pursue love.. I will really like to find someone and have that feeling of pursuit, that feeling that you wanna be with them no matter what.
In my vocabulary deception is becoming a common word in my love life! I dont want to find the love of my life yet, I just want to have an stable relationship, thats it!
I dont know whats wrong with me, this last week talking with other had became a hard task!
I dont want to talk, I dont want to communicate! I just want to be what I used to be.. JUST BE ME!!

Friends... Some of them just dissapointed me, but I miss them a lot! Before, it was so easy to make new friends but now even call someone a friend is hard! Sometimes I wish I could be in Ecuador, definitely my heart belongs there!

Dance... I danced not so good this week, I was feeling weird and let's be honest over this two last weeks I gained some weight! On the bright side, I'm going to audition this April! I started to run, this week I will start to diet, and focusing more in class!

Family... Finally I'm becoming an aunt. I'm so happy and excited! There are no words that can describe the joy of knowing that our family is getting bigger! On the not so bright side, my dad had some problems with his retirement, we are really worried. I'm optimistic I know everything will be better, we just need to be faithful, prayful and patient.

Facebook... I really hate you! I'm addicted to you thou

Anabelle (my cute dog).. I love you! you are the best, I love how affectionate you are, I love when you ask me for permission to get into my bed, I love when you chase rocks... YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The day that i got 2 ducks (22)... turning 22 years old

Omg!! my b-day was so fun!
Instead of celebrating it on saturday, I decided to do it on friday (you know i didnt want to mess up with my friends valentines day dates or seeing all those chessy couples around)
We went dinner to TGI fridays, dancing and we ended up in Dallin's place!
Dinner was great!

Later we try to go dancing but you know parties in here can be lame most of the time! However, I shake the bootay for a while... then we went to my friend apt we played dare or truth *verdad o desafio* it was way fun!!

I'm really grateful for this new year of life!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sticky notes!

Dear medicine:
I hate you! Your side effects are making my skin itchy and looking weird. I will keep giving you a chance so you better start behaving
Dear BYU:
I love you! I just hate when I got so busy and I get behind! and by the way thanks for the new job
Dear accounts payable department:
I hate when we have a check with tons of invoices on it! but I still like you a LOT
Dear birthday:
You are coming! I'm excited
Dear Valentine's day:
You bring me so many memories... This year I might hate you but it doesn't mean that we can start all over again next year!
Dear spanish boy:
I just barely know you, I might like you but it is too soon to say that but I'm attracted to you. Your accent is so sexy
Always Yours,

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Who doesn't love free stuff! I DO!!
You will love what Christa is giving away
Horray for giveaways!!

First upside down that ends good

Have you ever feel upside down?? Yesterday, that was how I felt!
My morning was O.K... you know work, filing, checks, count them down, fill the check log, signatures blah blah blah
My Afternoon, I started to melt down! HORRIBLE
My Night, I was with my friend Cacey, he cheer me up a lot.
By now I can consider him one of my besties! He is really cool!
Then suddenly in the library I made tons of friends, and even someone ask me out!
I pondered about my future what I wanna be??!
I have always wanted to make a difference, help others
so by now I would say I have two opt
  • public health
  • public relationships
The funny part is both had the word public on them, so it lead me to realization that I love to be in public, I love to be in touch with people!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny and suddenly I started to melt down

The day started pretty good.. but suddenly without an specific reason I started to melt down!
All the positivism that I'm having lately just disappeared! I felt weird.. til yesterday I was feeling great about turning 22 but til i talked with my friend, when I told her
I'm turning the big two ducks (22)

she just told me ooooh but you don't look like that age!
( what the freak she mean by that)
then I remembered my past b-day!
It was so lovely so nice, i have him.
don't take me wrong I don't want him back
I'm totally over it!
I just miss having someone there!

This are the kinda of days where I would love to be back in high school !
everything was so much easier and simple
my friends celebrated with my b-day as a national holiday
I had multiple parties just cuz we wanted to skip class
(obviously they love me too)

Now, I just can say that at least I'm gonna have my parents here celebrating my b-day with me!
It always nice to count on them no matter what!

Tomorrow will be a new day so I hopefully I will be back with my positive attitude!

Good nite!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My B-day is coming WHAT???

Today we had a meeting at work, we were talking about office stuff!
Out of the blue someone said: Happy B-day Margaret!! (Margaret is my boss and today was her b-day),
then the girl who I work with said: Laura's b-day is next week too!!
Then I realized, next week I will be 22!
Next week is my B-DAY!
I see it coming
for being
anyways.. I'm excited this year so far has started so good!
so getting old it is just part of live and for being sincere
it has benefits and I'm feeling good about it


Early february and I feel is spring already!

Waking up early for work is paying me back!
In my way to the bus stop.. my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was 7:20 am and you could see the sunrise.. there is not doubt the spring is coming faster than i thought!!
Gray days are past. I feel so good, it looks so pretty and I can't wait to have warmer days!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I love you, FEBRUARY!

February has started, this means..

  • MY B-DAY IS COMING (counting down 12 days)
  • Valentine's Day
  • Spring is aproaching quickly
  • Carnaval.. I wish I could be home cuz it was so much fun.. I miss those crazy times playing carnaval in high school

February has always make me giggle.. it is a shortest month of the year but for me it is the funniest, coolest and delicious month!