Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking and getting inspiration!

It is cold today! but I'm loving this weather.. pretty much it express how I am feeling today!
Yeah it is chill and cold and I wasn't feeling quite good this morning neither yesterday.. I have been thinking a lot! I figure out that...this doesnt feel right! it is time to start something new, learn what is important and what is not, time to value those who make a difference in your life, those who love you and care about you, time to dream, time to travel, time to get rid of those things that are bothering you, time to be happy.. it is time to learn, laugh, love, move on and grow!
I found a girl that I met in my freshman year and I figure out that no matter what the only that really matters are my dreams, my goals whatever they are!
I have to be more commited to something! I decided I'm going to apply for the PR program and I'm gonna graduated asap!
I don't want to get married not yet! I wanna travel, I want to gain knowledge, I wanna be passionated, I want to dance, dream, make my dreams come true but being realistic at the same time!
This weather is perfect to ponder!

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  1. pondering weather is the best! it's so important to take the time to figure out what and who is important. thanks for the reminder!