Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recap 2009

I'm so grateful.. this past year has been interesting to me! I had some up and downs but overall I had a good time! I learned a lot, I grew up a lot, I'm more aware of what i want in my life or at least what I really don't want..
So this are the 12 of best memories of this year:
  • I fell in love this year... even that things did work, I learn a lot about what I'm looking for in a guy.
  • I had a great b-day!! I like all the surprises and finally I turned 21!!
  • I grew up a lot.. I'm not a kid anymore... I'm a grow up lady!!
  • I struggle with school, relationship, etc.. but there were always someone there for me... either my family, a friend! God never left me alone this year!
  • I got to see brother!! It was a lovely summer !! I understood that true love never fade!
  • My cousin came to visit me.. It was a blast, having her with me remained me that happiness come from ourselves, and we can be happy no matter what we are facing!
  • I started this blog! I love to write my stories, my feelings, my adventures! Hopefully someday my kids will read it with me and we all will laugh together.
  • I went to Ecuador during the summer! As always being in home is wonderful, definitely i belong there..
  • I started my dream's list.. I'm planning to become true couple of those this year...
  • I got my patriarchal blessing.. I feel so loved, special and blessed.. Words can express how grateful I am for all I have and for who I am.
  • We spent Christmas with my parents!!! :)
  • I realized that no matter true friends are always there... I'm really thankful for all the friends that I have here.. and the friends that I have at home!
My bonus memory:
  • My testimony of the church grew a lot this year! I love to be connect to something greater that myself, something that for me is eternal and essential..
2009 thanks for all you did with me!! I learned a lot from you but it about time to move on and look forward so 2010 here we are!!

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