Friday, January 22, 2010

Lovely Friday!!

The week couldn't finished better.. I started in my new job today and I'm already in love with it. Finally, I'm able to have Friday nights off.. and thats the best feeling in the world plus I will have more time for studying!!

I'm making a lot of plans there so many things I wanna do.. Hip hops club, salsa club, pilates, yoga, study french on my own.. IM EXCITED and how i feel can be defined in three simple words


I learned so much lately, I feel like I acting more like a young responsible adult. That make me feel soooooooooooo good!!
I'm trying to take school, work and all my duties one week at the time.. something that I'm gonna work this weekend is in planning my week so wish me luck cuz you know me I get easy distracted!

The to do list for this weekend is:
  • Work on my paper
  • Study for my Spanish test
  • Do an interview
  • Dinner with friends
  • Time with family
  • Teach my kids
  • Planning my week


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