Sunday, January 24, 2010


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are... I'm waiting for you, we haven't met yet but I'm sure you are somewhere out there!!
I will make you smile
I will be your friend
I will be your support
I will be your personal cheerleader
I will travel around the world with you
I will make pretty babies with you
I will laugh my head off with you
I will be patient *most of the time*
I will make you happy
I will be head over heels over you
I will wait for you
I will get old with you
I will dance with you
I will kiss you like crazy
I will cook for you
I will do nice things to you
I will grow and become more mature with you
I will learn with you
I will protect you
I will try to never make you cry
I will give you my best
I will work hard for us
I will tell you that I love you everyday
I will be loyal to you
I will take care of you
I will never you leave you
I will walk aside you
I will hug you
I will believe in you
I will take care of our kids
I will have fun with you
I will make our house a home
I will wake up next you
I will help you
I will cheer you up in your cloudy days
I will be your lover
I will spoon you
I will sing to you
I will hold your hand
I will never give up on us
I will try not to get mad with you
I will cross the deep ocean for you

and all because I WILL BE YOURS and YOU'LL BE MINE!
I just haven't meet you yet!

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