Thursday, April 29, 2010

My last poem!

Todo empieza al reves
la primavera nevo
dulce comienzo
ella ojos grandes
gotas de nostalgia
caen despacio, en silencio
golpean el suelo

El invierno la persigue
obscuro recuerdo
le dejo seca amargada y un CAP

No sabe que rumbo tomar
todos los caminos no conducen a lo conocido
la brujula se le ha perdido
El viaje al sur parece estar difuso

No logra ver el faro
El barco se le hunde
quiere nadar deseperandame a lo orilla
olas la abaten la destrozan

Ta temblando y no de frio
Maldito miedo la ha invadido
Se reusa volver al puerto

Su nombre es planta
Victoriosa laurel
esta derrotada
No quiere hacer la dichosa llamada

Una vez mas, respira
Peru ha cambiado su vida
no ha sido nada placentero
la obscura sensacion
camina despacio
desesperada de rodillas

Se quedado sin recursos
sin amigos
sin familia
esperando al de arriba
se arrodilla
espera que el sol ilumine
por ultima vez ruega quedarse
quiere estar en la penultima letra

Memo to my future hubby

Dear future hubby:
I don't know you yet but I would like to ask you a big big big favor! Plz let's work out together. I strongly dislike those couples that don't even care how they look.. not because we will be married we will gain tons of weight
Let's be healthy plzzzzzzzz
I promise I will be in shape too!


So true!

If You Really Love Something Set It Free.
If It Comes Back It's Yours, If Not It Wasn't Meant To Be

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Promptings, ideas and conclusions

I had kinda of hard time lately but this time has been so good to me. I just figured out so many things that seriously I feel like I grew up a lot.
First, I so grateful for my job. This spring I'm able to work full time what means extra money, savings and plane ticket.
Second, I have the most wonderful, caring, loving, supportive mother in this world. She is my rock.
Third, I have an awesome family
Forth, I'm healthy.. THAT'S A HUGE BLESSING!
Fifth, I know what I want... sooner or later I will get it
Sixth, I'm here for a reason and I'm learning a lot!
I have been pondered about life and I realized that there will be always someone in better conditions than me but also there will be always someone in worst conditions than me. I can always help someone who is in more need than me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

il pleut et je vais pleurer

I'm just going through this emotional episode in my life... I seriously don't know what to expect!
Lately it seems like my friends just left me maybe it is me i don't know
There has been so many times that I wanted to cry but crying alone is not helpful, it doesn't heal..
I know a lot of things that has happen are my fault, I seriously want to do better!
On the other hand being at BYU drives me crazy, don't take me wrong it is great school.. but see all those marriage couples sometimes it makes me sick so time... I hate when people is telling me you are 22 you should be marriage by now you are in BYU... yes I'm in BYU and YES I want to married and Yes I will love to have a family but guess what people?? I haven't found the guy yet. I hate when they say I'm too picky.. yes I do have my standards but is that a bad thing???? I dont want a charming prince. I know that I'm not the princess waiting to be rescued... I'm just LAURA.. the girl with a humble heart, the girl who likes to hold the door for others, the girls who always says thank you to the bus driver, the girl who enjoys seen little kids playing, the girl who calls her mom for counsel, the girl who likes to wear dresses, the girl who will give you a smile even in those days when she is deeply sad, the girl who felt in love so bad that was hurted so bad as well, im the girl who forgives easily, I'm the girl with the cute dog, I'm the girl who tries to write poetry, the girls who dances...
I Know im not perfect I'm forgetful, messy, disorganizate, too dreamy... but overall I want to be better, I have a pure heart, I sure I know how to love!
So now It is raining and I'm gonna cry...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update Audition

I talked with my teacher (she was part of the judges)
... they said they were impressed by me... I almost almost made it!!
She said they love my energy, my leg extensions... she told me to stick around and try next year...
this makes decide that I'm gonna do a minor in Modern Dance :)!!

I am missing my friends

I never thought how important are friends in life ( i took them for granted).. now that I'm here I realize that they do life more exciting and even in those moments of disappointment and sorrow they make me feel better.!!!
I would love to find a bestie because now i feel like no one is by side standing up for me

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Try outs

Today I went to dance audition, I didn't make it but I'm glad I went. I learn so much about myself, I learn that if I push myself the extra mile things will work much better!! I learn that I'm capable I just need more practice and dedication, I learn that dance is challenging and I love it!! I'm grateful for my talents and I'm gonna keep working on them!!
Life is for dreamers, dancers, artists, rebels, believers at least the life that I want!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference

I love those promptings that inspire you to be better, to follow your savoir and to be more Christ-like ♥ I'm glad to be part of something greater than myself. I'm grateful for my mom, my dad, my grandma, my brothers, my family and all the beauties, opportunities and blessings in this life!!