Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friends like that!!

Ok i know that I've been disappeared... but i was dead sick and it was really weird my bff Abril (best friend forever) came back from Mexico and for a minute i thought that i got the swine flu... Fortunately i just had a weird infection.. I skiped work all this week (bad girl) but anyways i had fun with Abril... she took care of me!! i love her.. Im so happy to have friends like that!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh yeah finally the weekend is here =)!! We will have a wonderful weather and tons of fun.. tonight i will play soccer yeap you read soccer.. me the ballerina girl has a male side lol.. I'm really excited it wish me luck!! All of you have a great weekend

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You never know

As you know i was running today around my neighborhood. I thought it will be a safe place to run ... light traffic, nice view, etc... I was wearing my gray leggins with gray short and a gray t-shirt gray combination.. when i got home i see my phone and guess what my ex bf saw me when i was running. It was pretty hilarious =) he texted me that he saw this hot girl running in the sidewalk but when he get closer he had a surprise.. IT WAS ME!! that DANG she is HOT become an OUCH she is not mine ANYMORE lol!! As my momma said la vida es un panuelo y el mundo es tan pequeno that you never know hahaha!!


Im not a big fan of running dont judge me!! I can dance for hours but running kills my butt.. Something weird happen today i was in the mood of running and i really enjoyed and i also enjoyed the company my cute little dog Anabella.. ok i will be honest i walked a lot but i ran like 4 blocks without a pause.. I need more trainning. Since days are becoming prettier and warmer my mood of running will increase so definitely I will do it more often!! For those who can run miles and miles my respect!!