Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bright and not so bright sides of my life!

I haven't blog in a while, I had a lot to say I just do know how to say it or even start!

My parents are gone what means that I am not in my best mood... I'm not sad I just really miss them!
Love... lately it seems like I'm running in opposite direction to it. I know that I blogged several times about boys I like... and in some point I do like them! People here are very fickle, they dont pursue love.. I will really like to find someone and have that feeling of pursuit, that feeling that you wanna be with them no matter what.
In my vocabulary deception is becoming a common word in my love life! I dont want to find the love of my life yet, I just want to have an stable relationship, thats it!
I dont know whats wrong with me, this last week talking with other had became a hard task!
I dont want to talk, I dont want to communicate! I just want to be what I used to be.. JUST BE ME!!

Friends... Some of them just dissapointed me, but I miss them a lot! Before, it was so easy to make new friends but now even call someone a friend is hard! Sometimes I wish I could be in Ecuador, definitely my heart belongs there!

Dance... I danced not so good this week, I was feeling weird and let's be honest over this two last weeks I gained some weight! On the bright side, I'm going to audition this April! I started to run, this week I will start to diet, and focusing more in class!

Family... Finally I'm becoming an aunt. I'm so happy and excited! There are no words that can describe the joy of knowing that our family is getting bigger! On the not so bright side, my dad had some problems with his retirement, we are really worried. I'm optimistic I know everything will be better, we just need to be faithful, prayful and patient.

Facebook... I really hate you! I'm addicted to you thou

Anabelle (my cute dog).. I love you! you are the best, I love how affectionate you are, I love when you ask me for permission to get into my bed, I love when you chase rocks... YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

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