Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In the mood for love

This soundtrack is what i like to call a genius song. Everytime i listen it i want to dance!! Take a sit an enjoy it! and if you have time to watch the movie do it you wont regret it!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This pic was taken last fall

Today is one of those days that you feel good and you don't know why.. I'm happy and there is no reason for not to be.. Fall is here and yes I love all the colors definitely fall is the season to fall in love!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My parents

Today i was seeing some pics and this pic showed up and I thought how grateful and blessed i am for having this two extraordinary persons as my PARENTS!!
Their love make me feel the luckiest girl in the world.. they are together for more than 20 years and Im 110% sure that they will be together forever!! Thanks you mami and papi for make me who I am, for all the love that we have at home, for spoiling me, for taking care of me and giving me a perfect example of what a family is about!!
Hoy estuve viendo algunas fotos cuando aparecio esta.. y pense que agradecida y bendecida soy por tener a estas dos extraordinarias personas como mis PADRES!!
Su amor me hace sentir la muchacha mas afortunada del mundo.. estan juntos por mas de 20 anos y estoy 110% segura que estaran juntos por la eternidad!! Gracias mami y papi por hacerme quien soy, por todo el amor que tenemos en casa, por consentirme, por cuidarme y darme un el ejemplo perfecto de lo que es una familia!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Its not that new.. this look is made in Quito Ecuador so I made a couple weeks ago... hope you like it.. it's definitely short, great bangs and i just love it!! I received good comments so far i hope that you are not the exception lol!!

My mom

I'm so proud of her!! She is the best of the best i love her so much that i cant even express with words how much i love this women!! She is just perfect and I cant imagine myself without her... She is exactly the kind of mom that i wanna become some day..
She is my inspiration, my support, my best friend, my confident!! Im grateful for her I couldnt ask for someone better than her!!
Thanks mom TE AMO!!


Its time to start doing homework instead im blogging..BAD GIRL!! I just want to share the hapiness that I'm having right now!! I just realized how much blessed I am so in times of complaining this will be a remainder of how wonderful my lifes is... Im so happy to had the opportunity to go home this summer, for the amazing family that im being blessed with, for the perfect mom i have, for my brothers, for my friends , for school, for the great opportunity of studying at BYU, for LOVE, for my heavenly father, for temporal experience, for beliving in something that I know with all my heart is true THE GOSPEL, for my cute perfect dog, for the amazing weather that we are having, for being healthy, for the idea that someday i will find the right guy that we will be perfect for me, for temples, for who I am, for my talents, for how wonderful and beautiful my life and I are. for this and other uncountable blessings I'M HAPPY =)!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Loving affairs!!

I wonder why life sometimes seems to be too contradicted... In this side is the guy that i loved in the past, he kinda popped the question but he wants me to go back to Ecuador so we can get married there but it is too late.. i still feel something for him but I guess its just the memories that we have together that make me thing on him as an special one... and there is the other side of the story the guy that i do really love dumped me... saying.. Laura you have everything that Im looking in my future wife BUT (dang but) I dont thing we are meant to be together... Anyways I just figured out that there is 3 stages in of love:
1. When you think you are in love
2. When you are in love
3. When you get married with the guy that you are in love..
I already got through the first two... Im so excited but not anxious to find the perfect one!!

Welcome back

my family i love them like a crazy woman

my best friend.. we know each other since we were in elementary school.
my sisters.. i love them
Im not even a week here and I'm missing home!! I officially started school today (the actual official started for everybody was 2 weeks ago) Im not taking too much classes just the necessary amount 12 credits... This coming back has been really emotional.. first i figured out that my ex-bf wants to date this girl and you know by this time i should get over it but you know what?? this will be harder that i thought.. I cry like a little baby not just for him. I cry for the live I have in Ecuador, for the family I left there, for my friends.. I definitely belong there but I know this is worthy. It will requires a lot of sacrifice but I will see the blessings sooner o later.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My little town

my bro I love you!!

my oldest bro, i love you. u are one of my best friends
la flaca
my best friend
Soon i will be back to my reality.. my small town call Provo... I will have to get a lot to things done as soon as i get home. I was absent for 2 weeks so i have to cath things up.. I have to get my room clean, do my laundry, tons of homework.. but despite all those things Iwill be happy to be back to my little Provo. I would never imagine myself saying this but I miss Provo. Provo has given me true friends, good educations, help me to be more mature, good experiences, etc.....
This fall will be a new chapter in my life and I´m really excited for all the things that are coming.. for all the new goals, for having the life that i have and be me!!


Yesterday, I got to see one of my best friends. I was so happy to see her and I noticed that even thought we grew up a lot..our friendship is becoming better year after year its sad to know that im not there for her always I do really miss her. On the other hand is good to know that despite the distance we are still friends more than that we are sisters.. I will miss you mi Adri gracias por todo lo que haces por mi, por crecer junto a mi, por hacerme sentir que no importa la distancia ni nada un verdadera amistad siempre podra vencer todo eso y mas.. cuenta conmigo siempre TE AMO!!