Thursday, April 30, 2009


I cant sleep today!! What the heck is happening?? mmm I guess I have to be more productive!! I thought that i was it. Today i cleaned my apt and it looks amazing and smells delicious!! Yesterday, I slept like a baby and guess why?? I played the whole night with 4 amazing kids I have fun, real fun that has been lasting even today and probably it will last the rest of the week!! Since yesterday my suppositions of me being a good mamma become a real fact I LOVE KIDS!! and Im sure they love me too cuz together we become crazy in a fun way .. I can't wait to be an aunt and in a couple years be a hot mamma!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yeap my heart was broken today!! but you know its fine!! Its hard but I need this.. I cried a lot but the emotional yoyo was killing me.. that reminds me the Sara Barailles song "you are killing me softly with love, love, love" I need someone who will love me no matter what, someone who will cheer me up in my cloudy days, someone who will make me smile, care about me, someone who i can trust and moreover someone who can be my best friend, my partner, my lover, my sweetheart, my refuge, and my support!! I guess now is time to get new friends, go outside and think more about myself and what i really want!! Welcome back Laura to the single world!!

Im in love with Tommy Torres

What a man!! I totally love him seriously he is so freaking sexy and her voice wow just blow me up!! He is the latin Orlando Bloom! let me correct this he is MY latin Orlando Bloom!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Looking for a job

So finally i have a plan yeahh =D.. I'm not going to study the spring instead I will be working 40 hours.. my search for a job has been pretty exciting. I really want to do something different something more challenging. Yesterday I went to the student employment office trying to find something cool that will fit my schedule.. I'm determined to get a job as a secretary or something like that.. it is not that I want to work there forever but I'm tired of being a custodial girl.. Today I had my first interview!! It was for being a secretary in the BYU police department.. Handling with crime yeahhhhhhhhhhh could be really exciting.. by tomorrow i will know their answer. Hopefully, I made it if not there is still options around campus for this adventurous girl..

Friday, April 17, 2009

not even sunny!!

today isnt even sunny but im feeling great.. since yesterday i just keep receiving good news... for the last 3 months i feel that good news were running away from me haha but since yesterday everything seems to be brighter.. i dont know if it is just me and my new attitude or this spring and summer will be full of great surprises... IM EXCITED and it makes me feel alive.. and yes it is an awesome feeling!!