Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny and suddenly I started to melt down

The day started pretty good.. but suddenly without an specific reason I started to melt down!
All the positivism that I'm having lately just disappeared! I felt weird.. til yesterday I was feeling great about turning 22 but til i talked with my friend, when I told her
I'm turning the big two ducks (22)

she just told me ooooh but you don't look like that age!
( what the freak she mean by that)
then I remembered my past b-day!
It was so lovely so nice, i have him.
don't take me wrong I don't want him back
I'm totally over it!
I just miss having someone there!

This are the kinda of days where I would love to be back in high school !
everything was so much easier and simple
my friends celebrated with my b-day as a national holiday
I had multiple parties just cuz we wanted to skip class
(obviously they love me too)

Now, I just can say that at least I'm gonna have my parents here celebrating my b-day with me!
It always nice to count on them no matter what!

Tomorrow will be a new day so I hopefully I will be back with my positive attitude!

Good nite!

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