Sunday, February 28, 2010


The weekend was fun and painful!! I went snowboarding with my bros and friends. I was doing it so good. My first time snowboarding was horrible I hate it, Mario was teaching me, he was really patient cuz I was complaining a lot! This time, my second time I told my brother and my bestie to leave me in the first stop that I will be fine! So, I was there by myself in that huge mountain at sundance, I was really scared but somehow I figured out and I was able to snowboard like a pro... I was so proud of myself that I couldn't believe how much I had improved!
So I started to do more challenging things, I went all the way up, and then I decide it that I was enough experienced so I try to jump... big mistake I land horrible in my neck and shoulder!
I didn't thought that I was that bad cuz I was able to stand up and keep doing it! But today gosh I'm in my pain.. I think I pull something, I need to go to the doctor asap!
hopefully tomorrow I will be better!!

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