Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Le bisou

This couple days have been wonderful! I had a lot to do A LOT! but I meet this guy I can't take him out of my mind..He is so kind, he really likes Anabella, I love his smile!
So, this weekend it was way fun
  • Friday I went out to my friends, we went to a lame party so I leave them Jacob and my friends picked me up. We went to sparks!
  • Saturday.. I spend almost all day with Jacob. We went to my dance concert, lunch, snowboarding, dinner, and we chill at my apt. It was my bro b-day!! =) I lost my phone on the mountain!! =( (but you know what was really nice, Jacob was willing to go back to the mountain and search.. I was the one who gave up)
  • Sunday... I making a choir with the primary kids for Easter. I watched a movie with Jacob we cuddle, my heart was beating fast!
  • Monday.. I thought it would be a horrible day but it turned all the way around! I had such a good day. I found my phone I just have to pick it up, I went running with Jacob and I really had a good time, we played with Anabella and finally but not last we kissed for the first time!
  • Tuesday... I know Daniel is dating someone in Peru and I'm actually happy for him! I wish him the best not hard feeling anymore. I have a lot to do today but so exciting about everything. I hopefully will see Jacob today if not I'm going salsa dancing tonight!
Life is ridiculous good!

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