Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tremendous delicious week-end!!

Gosh, this weekend was so much fun !!
I met this guy and his wife! For those who arent familiar with college football (like me). This is Lavell Edwards a legend in BYU football, and I met him this friday. I even chilled in his house with some kids!

We had a dessert contest and he and his wifey were the judges *we all tide*. It was way fun.. my dessert wasnt that great probably we would end up in last place *joaquim faults he left the ice cream outside and it was melted haha* Besides, our little melting accident *lol*. We had fun, I think that was a really creative date! (it was outside of the typical byu dates).

After that we played cards, rockband and ate our desserts.

Then, I went dancing with Scott and Cacey... Way fun!! I like those kids a lot.... they are fun to be around!


Me and my family went to the sundance festival. We had not seen anyone famous but we had a blast! We ate caramel apple, pizza, we played in the snow, took pics, laughed our heads off.. I LOVE THEM!!! (I will post pics later)

I wish we could do this more often.. but since my parents lived in Ecuador this kind of gathering happens once a year.. but I'm so grateful for all the good times we had, have and we are having..!!

I saw the guy that I like or I used to like not sure yet!


We ate yummy homemade chicken soup (my fav), a long nap with my parents, taught kids!



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