Friday, March 12, 2010

Little things in life

Today is finally Friday.. heck yes! I'm so exited for the upcoming events.
Tonight I'm going to see the BYU dance emsamble! I really miss going to the theater back home that was something that I did frequently. But here with all things that I have to do time has become short and lets be honest before I was complaining all the time that there is nothing going on in art performance at BYU but winter semester has shut my mouth.. THERE A LOT GOING ON!
Tomorrow I'm going snowboarding with a guy that so far has made a good impression on me!
I'm happy it sunny outside, we have led this sunday so officially the spring will be here!
Talking about little thing talking with that peruvian woman this morning make me happy, she was so humble and kind!

Happy weekend

talking about facebook... i haven't opened since yesterday! I'm so proud of myself lets see if we can keep that up!

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