Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween weekend

This weekend was fun!!
I had to work on friday night (that sucked) anyways I need the money and we dressed up for work!
Work didn't mess up my friday tho. On Friday afternoon Wes and me went to play bowling and he made dinner for us. He took me to work. After work he texted me and we went to his apt and we watched a movie!
On saturday I was in a weird mood!! I didn't want to do anything but as soon as I got dressed up everything change.. I WAS READY TO PARTY ALL NITE!!

I danced all night long!! We ended up in Denny's talking and laughing.. remember this so I party with her all nite, she is really nice!! I'm so glad that he didn't keep texting me!

On sunday, I woke up to go to church. It is always nice to spend my sunday morning with kids I love them!! I talked with my mom I love her so much!! we always laugh and she always make me feel the smartest and prettiest girl in this world.
Later that night Wes came and picked me up! We watch the fireside together! It was nice I like his hugs (you know me I'm a hugger)


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