Saturday, October 24, 2009

A typical BYU's date

I'm happy!! I went out with the guy from my class! I went to work at 4 and i left at 6 and he suppose to come to pick me up at 6:30. I miss the bus so i walked as fast as I can, praying that he won't be at my door! Then my battery died so I couldn't text him to come a little bit late.
Anyways things turn well I got home at 6:30 he wasn't there yet (lucky me). The inicial plan was to watch a movie in the internacional cinema but we decided to go to his place and watch a movie. We Watched the pursuit happiness if you didnt watch yet I highly recommended. After that we ate ice cream, then went to the park swing in the swingers ( and you know I LOVE SWINGERS), played frees bee, went back again to his apt, watch a little bit of the who's documentary, went for a walk, sat close to the pond, saw how the ducks behave and laughed of them, walked in a rainy night, he hugged me... It was all nice the only thing I regret is when he hug me like a baby that remained me Daniel so bad. he was the one who used to hold me like that!
You can tell I still miss him! =S

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