Monday, September 14, 2009

Loving affairs!!

I wonder why life sometimes seems to be too contradicted... In this side is the guy that i loved in the past, he kinda popped the question but he wants me to go back to Ecuador so we can get married there but it is too late.. i still feel something for him but I guess its just the memories that we have together that make me thing on him as an special one... and there is the other side of the story the guy that i do really love dumped me... saying.. Laura you have everything that Im looking in my future wife BUT (dang but) I dont thing we are meant to be together... Anyways I just figured out that there is 3 stages in of love:
1. When you think you are in love
2. When you are in love
3. When you get married with the guy that you are in love..
I already got through the first two... Im so excited but not anxious to find the perfect one!!

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