Thursday, September 17, 2009


Its time to start doing homework instead im blogging..BAD GIRL!! I just want to share the hapiness that I'm having right now!! I just realized how much blessed I am so in times of complaining this will be a remainder of how wonderful my lifes is... Im so happy to had the opportunity to go home this summer, for the amazing family that im being blessed with, for the perfect mom i have, for my brothers, for my friends , for school, for the great opportunity of studying at BYU, for LOVE, for my heavenly father, for temporal experience, for beliving in something that I know with all my heart is true THE GOSPEL, for my cute perfect dog, for the amazing weather that we are having, for being healthy, for the idea that someday i will find the right guy that we will be perfect for me, for temples, for who I am, for my talents, for how wonderful and beautiful my life and I are. for this and other uncountable blessings I'M HAPPY =)!!

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