Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome back

my family i love them like a crazy woman

my best friend.. we know each other since we were in elementary school.
my sisters.. i love them
Im not even a week here and I'm missing home!! I officially started school today (the actual official started for everybody was 2 weeks ago) Im not taking too much classes just the necessary amount 12 credits... This coming back has been really emotional.. first i figured out that my ex-bf wants to date this girl and you know by this time i should get over it but you know what?? this will be harder that i thought.. I cry like a little baby not just for him. I cry for the live I have in Ecuador, for the family I left there, for my friends.. I definitely belong there but I know this is worthy. It will requires a lot of sacrifice but I will see the blessings sooner o later.

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