Monday, December 7, 2009

The joy of the season!!

This weekend was so much fun..!! On friday, I didn't work instead I went to the movies with JJ, his friend, my cousin, Abril and her boyfriend!! We got late to the movie so probably that was the shortest movie I have ever seen.. After that we went to my place and we watch Marley and me. I love it and after that I love my cute "little" dog even more.
Me and Jj are still hanging out so are dont know what going on there! Sometimes I think we make dating so hard.. it should be like you like someone, he likes you, you start dating if things work you go to the next level if not you just leave it like that....
On saturday, We went ice skating (my first time). I was kinda of scared.. it was so much fun and there is no doubt the winter is here!
On sunday, We woke up and everything was cover by snow.. the view outside my window was gorgeous...We went to the Christmas Devotional.. it was inspiring, upliting, amazing and it remained me the true meaning of Christmas.. this season is all about the savoir, about love, families, forgive and be forgiven...
I'm so happy that my parents are coming.. I'm sure this Christmas will be memorable!

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

Happy winter!!

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