Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not bad for a wednesday!!

I dunno whats going on with Wes... he has been acting weird lately (to be more specific since we kissed) he is still texting me and inviting me to come over to his place!
Who knows what he is thinking... he is not very expressive!
Tonight me and Justin went to the Jazz game we beat the raptors... i was fun~~ Justin is the guy who i met in Halloween.. since then we had hung out every week! Today he held my hand, we walked around downtown salt lake.. my heart was beating fast i was nervous and I don't know if it was obvious or not.. i try to hide it thou!
He held my hand all the way back to Provo.. we ate at Sonic
He offered me gum... deep inside i thought maybe he will kiss me but it was just a thought
He walked me to the door.. he hug me and i don't know how he kissed me in front of my door! It was sweet.. when i got home I had a big smile.. not working today was worthy!
I might like him but I don't wanna have big expectations about me and him.. but it is nice to be nervous and feel butterflies in my stomach again!

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