Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday.. just chilling

I didn't have to work tonite... I had been in a weird mood this two last days! I need to breath, pray, trust more in my self and don't let discourage take part of me! I was reading the scriptures and that make me feel much better.. Finally, I understood what HOPE is about.. I believe in hope, I believe in miracles, I believe in faith, I believe in charity, I believe in my self I believed in Jesus Christ! I have high and confident expectations that my future will be brighter if I believe!

On the other hand, my plans for this weekend are:
  • Taking pics of my mom's headbands and post them in this cute blog I made for sweet momma!
  • Going out with Wes.. Im kinda of getting tired of going out with him.. he is not expressive at all!!
  • Do homework
  • Preparing my primary class
  • Finally receiving my patriarchal blessing on Sunday
  • I'm craving for cake so probably I will end up baking one
So that's my weekend in 6 sentences..


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