Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dateless life is over

Remember this!! This might sound funny but I'm officially back to the market.. After that email I felt so good, it is not that I don't feel anything for him but I finally understood that it is over. I'm still going out with Wes, things are going slow with him. We see each other often and he calsl me everyday sometimes twice or three times a day! He hasn't try to kiss me, I feel that he really wants to know me rather than just playing around.

Tonight I had a date with a guy that I meet in a Halloween party. He suppose to come to pick me up at sevenish what for me was around 7:30 but obviously for him was at 7:00pm. We almost canceled the date but at the end he pick me up at BYU. I was wearing a cute outfit but my make up by that time was history.

He was nice he asked me if I wanna stop by my apt. I say yes so I dropped my bag and putted some make up. I was ready! We ate Hawaiian food and gelato ( it was perfect i was craving for some good gelato).

He walked me to my door, he hugged me honestly it was weird (maybe I wasn't used to that anymore. I didn't date at all for 4 months and I dated Daniel for 6 months..)

It was a good day!! I'm so happy that finally I'm moving on!

pd: My cousin from Spain is coming to visit me at the end of this month.. Im way excited!


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