Friday, October 30, 2009

U gotta love autumn!

October has become officially one of my favorite months of the year!
i am to list things that make me happy this October:
so here it goes...
1. Fall clothes.. I LOVE WEAR BOOTS AND COATS people look pretty on them!
2. Hot drinks.. It feels so good to have something warm when it is cold outside
3. It is still sunny.. even it is cold you can get some sunshine
4. Fall colors.. i love them! They are so classy and vintage
5. He left.. finally he is not in my life anymore I decide to let the memories go and be me. At the end of the day if I feel good with myself, people will notice and they will love me for who I am.
6. Magic jack entered in my life.. now i can call my mommy whenever I want =)
7. I had several dates with some cool guys... still waiting for the right one
8. Halloween.. it is one of my favorite American holidays.. I love to play dressing up!!
9. I discovered the joy of blogging... it feels so good to be able to express myself, read my crazy stories, and "we'll collect the moments one by one. i guess that's how the future's done"- Feist.
10. Pumpkins, Cinnamon, brown sugar, apple... i love fall fragrance!!
11. Red and gold trees
12. The feeling that Christmas is getting closer!!


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