Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first list!

    Things that make me feel in a good mood no matter what:

  1. Talking with my mom!! she is my best friend
  2. Swingers.. I love them
  3. Dancing.. it transports me to another world
  4. Sunshine... it just make me happy
  5. See my cute dog chasing rocks... i like how she jumps like a bunny
  6. Hugs... who doesn't love hugs
  7. melted cheese.... it so yummy and irresistible
  8. fall clothes.. i think everybody can look cute on coats and boots
  9. necklaces and dresses.. they make me feel girlie and cute
  10. International movies... lately I'm really enjoying italian ones.
  11. Paris... i haven't go there yet but this is a dream that will come true someday
  12. Flowers.. bright yellow flowers
  13. Random people smiling at me
  14. Pregnant women.. i love to feel their belly
  15. Coconut ice cream
  16. Anything that is green..
  17. Laying down on the grass
  18. Playing with kids
  19. Trying to see figures on the clouds
  20. Finding good deals.. in clothing, groceries, shoes,,,etc. I love good sales!!
  21. Knowing that someday I will find true love and I will have really cute children
  22. Thinking about the name of my future children
  23. Helping others
  24. Reading old letters from friends
  25. Walking on the rain
  26. Old couple holding hands
  27. My grandma
  28. My brothers
  29. Cute guys wearing black framed glasses
  30. There are so many more but i don't want to make this list enormous

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