Friday, October 9, 2009

Letter to myself

Dear life and Laura:

We hate when you don't do want you have and need to do... I hate when you procrastinate but I love you no matter what!! I just want you to be better!! You get easy despair but I want to tell you something.. this life is about keep trying, trying and trying! You have everything to be successful!!
I like when you wear dresses you look really cute on them!! I hate when you don't do you laundry seriously we need clean clothes more often ( I know we have a lot of clothes and we never run out of them) but for your own sake do it once a week and I promise you it will be easier!
I know that lately things seems to be hard especially for your heart, I know that you miss the guy and I wont judge you. For the first time you really feel in love. You loose this time, he left you I know how hard that was for you. You had a lot of plans, ideas, illusions, desires, goals and all of them included him. He is gone, he didn't take the risk so stop wondering what life would be if he will be here.
HE WONT COME BACK! and thanks god he is not coming back, he is not a bad person just not the right one for you!
Take advantages of being school, you don't imagine how many opportunities you are loosing when you get discourage! as I tell you keep trying even if you fail that will make you a better person. When you decide to do something SAY IT, MEAN IT AND DO IT. Life is not easy and the kind of life you want its not for losers!
Enjoy what ever you are doing time wont come back again! Thanks for all you do, thanks for trying to be better, thanks for show love for others, thanks for being grateful.
you will find your prince and you will have a wonderful family.


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