Friday, October 16, 2009

I just dont get it

A couple weeks ago I was eating in the cougareat when this guy approach to me with a dumb excuse that I didnt even understand . He ask me if he could sit next to me.. I was nice and I said yes (my mom taught me manners). He started to talk to me and he asked me for my number I didnt hear from him til sunday night (back home he would text me right away).
He invited me to take dinner on Monday (I EVEN SKIP WORK FOR THIS DATE) I told myself: Laura you have to give this guy an opportunity just go!
Dinner was fun we ate in the noodles&company, anyways his invitation was literally We just had dinner and that was it!!
I send him a text the other day he send me a short text and I didnt reply!
It is not that i like this guy cuz Im not but it really confuse me how dating works in Provo!
Why this guy would like to spend money paying dinner if he wasn't interested on me?
Why a guy would approach to you with the chance of being dumped out?
for me he must think you are attractive for doing that or what!!

I just don't get how dating works in Utah!!

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