Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally he is gone! and this world needs more LOVE!!

I couldn't call him. Don't blame me, it was hard! I decided that an email will be enough.
I got to the point that I'm sick of this situation so I told him everything that i feel in that email. He didn't reply and honestly I was expecting an email back!
I feel so much better now
Finally, I figure out the only way that I could get rid of those feelings is telling him them even if he doesn't care anymore. I do care and love is something that should be never hidden.
So if u love someone tell them, let them know.. After all, you will do your part and I promise you will feel better (cuz on my own experience i felt better).. what they do after it is up to them but at least u did something. This world needs more love!! Do something to full your life with that amazing feeling called LOVE you won't regret it.

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