Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Erase your draft messages.. for your own sake haha

Yesterday i did something dumb, by mistake i sent a text... It wouldn't bother me because I always send text messages to the wrong person and that's kind of normal to me.. BUT I send it to my ex boyfriend he replied yes he did but he seemed to be surprised... let me put it in the right words he didn't know who was texting him or at least he pretended that he didn't know. He sent me 3 messages asking who is this?? i didn't reply OBVIOUSLY. I was too asleep (it was 2 am) and ashamed.. but it is weird the night before I texted him on purpose and I wrote that this is Laura but he didn't reply, so my guess is that he knows that the the crazy texting woman was me!
I just laughed of myself and my foolishness this morning!!

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