Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dating affairs

Oh yeah people might thought that i have tons of dates thanks to the dating environment here at BYU and my personal attributes (yes I'm humble haha) but actually not! It is not that I'm picky cuz I'm not! Yesterday, I talked over the phone with this old date mate (yes i like to call'em mates). He was asking me why I am not dating... this make me think... seriously why I'm not going on dates lately... This guy told me that I'm attractive and nice so that is not the problem! I guess, since my last boyfriend I became unapproachable.. I don't know what happen I used to be the girl who was really talkative, funny and flirt. It was easy for me to move on but not this time. I had the biggest crush on my ex and it is taking me a lot of time getting over this. Anyways I decided to do something in order to fix my datingless (no dates) life.. I will be more friendly more approachable and yeah less picky! I still have some standards, I don't want creepy guys so for the rest of you that don't fit in the last description!
I'm ready for you guys !!

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